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The Funambulist Pamphlets Volume 03 : Deleuze
    Auteurs : Lambert Leopold
    Punctum Books (Editeur )
    CTM Documents initiative (Producteur )
    Date de parution : 2013
    Nbre/N° de page : 103 p.
    ISBN : 978-0615844558
    Cote : A-LAM

    Volume 03_Deleuze compiles blog posts by Léopold Lambert (with 2 guest posts by Élie Faure and Gerald Raunig) on : Minor Architects and Funambulists: A Shared Architectural Manifesto ² Abécédaire ² What Is It to Be "From the Left" ² The Ritournelle (refrain) as a Territorial Song Invoking the Power of the Cosmos ² The Body as a Desiring Machine ² Minor Literature ² What Remains from Francis Bacon ² Transpierce the Mountains: Indian Medieval Art History by Élie Faure ² Processes of Smoothing and Striation of Space in Urban Warfare ² A Thousand Machines by Gerald Raunig ² Foucault and the Society of Control ² Control and Becoming: A Conversation Between Negri and Deleuze ² "I Leave it to You to Find Your Own Instrument of Combat": Deleuze Quotes Proust ² "A Sunflower Seed Lost in a Wall is Capable of Shattering that Wall" ² Deleuze's Wave: About Spinoza ² Power (Potentia) vs. Power (Potestas): The Story of a Joyful Typhoon ² The World of Affects or Why Adam Got Poisoned by the Apple ² The Spinozist "Scream": What Can a Body Do? ² "Comment disposer mes tribus? Le délire est géographico-politique" ² The Hypochondriac Body ² A Short Political Reading of Leibniz's Small Sensations ² The Infinite Worlds Folded in the Dresses of Yiqing Yin ² The Two Architectures of the Infinite Possible Worlds: Leibniz's Pyramid & Borges's Garden of Forking Paths ² Lecture by Gilles Deleuze About the Act of Creation (May 1987) En ligne :

    Mot clé - Sciences humaines - PHILOSOPHIE

Numéro d'inventaire : E72898
Collection : The Funambulist Pamphlets - 3
Format : 18 cm.
Illustrations : ill.
Langue : Anglais
Classement : Archives de l'ESA : DESA, Enseignants, Directeurs...
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