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Architectural Design - Vol.87 N°6 3D-printed body architecture
    Architectural Design (Revue )
    Date de parution : 13/11/2017
    Nbre/N° de page : 136 p.
    ISBN : 0003-8504

    Sommaire :
    What is 3D-Printed Body Architectre ?
    Curating the Digital
    Digitally Crafted Coutoure
    Mass Customisation
    Micromechanical Assemblies and the Human Body
    Reinventing Shoes
    Size matters
    Materials Behaviours in 3D-Printed Fashion Items
    Clay Bodies
    Crystalline Tectonics
    Tectonism in Architecture, Design and Fashion
    The Shape of Touch
    The Sonic Spectacle of the Enhanced Body

Langue : Anglais
N° revue : vol. 87 n°6 nov.-dec. 2017



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