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The Funambulist : politics of space and bodies - 14 Toxic Atmospheres
    The Funambulist : politics of space and bodies (Revue )
    Date de parution : 09/11/2017
    Nbre/N° de page : 60 p.
    ISBN : 2430-218X

    The colonial and gentrifying violence of architecture in Jaffa
    Emprying the Jawlan, constructiong the apartheid
    A new LGBT political party in Thailand?
    The genocide of Rohingya in Myanmar, experienced in detention on Manus Island
    Agent orange in Vietnam
    Teargas Colonialism
    Methane cloud in New Mexico
    Fighting for Fukushima
    Antiblack weather vs. black microclimates
    Nuclear testing in the Sahara
    Pharmacie gasy in Madagascar

Langue : Anglais
N° revue : 14 nov.-dec. 2017



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